Front Townhouse:

  • Gas Furnace: In the front part of the townhouse, there is a gas furnace responsible for providing heating to both the second floor and the first floor.

  • Mini Split Heat Pump: In the basement of the front townhouse, a mini-split heat pump is installed. This unit is responsible for heating and cooling the basement area.

Back Townhouse:

  • Two Units: In the back townhouse, there are two HVAC units in total: Unit with Zoning: One of the units in the back townhouse has zoning capabilities. This means you can control the temperature separately for different areas of this part of the house. Basement of the Back Townhouse: Another HVAC unit is installed in the basement of the back townhouse. This unit is responsible for heating and cooling both the basement and the first floor of this part of the house.

This HVAC project utilizes a combination of a gas furnace and mini-split heat pumps to efficiently provide heating and cooling to different areas of the front and back townhouses. The zoning capabilities in the back townhouse allow for individualized temperature control in various zones, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency.